Diamond Crystal Healing™: Virtually Indistinguishable From Magic

Our Diamondized™ topical treatments capitalize on the unique properties of Detonation Synthesis Nanodiamonds (DSND) to alleviate pain and boost your body's natural healing response to reduce inflammation and improve the appearance of the affected area.

The RELIEF!™ Product Line

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We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if product does not perform when used as directed.  Please contact us for details.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Regarding my knee, I have called it "peeling the onion"! After initially using the nano diamonds, the pain I was feeling went away, only to uncover another one! Continued use got ride of that one, to find yet another! I think I am now down to the basic level, with just a very marginal residue of pain - for the most part, I don't even think about it. However, I am still using 2x daily, to make it totally 100%. I have told others about this, and some have already ordered.

Mark C

Milford, MI

I had purchased 2 bottles of RELIEF!™ for myself and my mother.  She could barely make a fist when we started using it. She now has full use of her hands again and can bend each individual finger without a problem.  She is continuing to use the nanodiamonds in hopes that it will make the knuckles return to the normal size.  So far the size has not gone down.  I swear by this stuff!!!! I have used it for everything! My husband and son are also loving this.  I recommend this to everyone I know with any kind of discomfort. Thank you so much for helping me find relief for my mother!

Kelly B

Milford, MI

I began using RELIEF!™ 2 1/2 years ago on a swollen, disfigured knuckle. The pain from the knuckle woke me up every morning about 4:00AM. That stopped with my first application! Now I use it on anything that hurts me and other skin issues too.

Kathleen P

Milford, MI

"Fantastic product. I had some scars on the back of my hand and could see a difference within a few days of applying it a couple times a day.  The scars faded and are now completely gone.  I also used it on a little skin bump on my forearm that I had had for many years, just to see if anything would happen.  It is now gone! I love this product!

Beth H

Houston, TX

I started using RELIEF!™ in conjunction with stretching every day. I have really sharp pains due to sciatica so I was desperate.  I applied the product to my lower back and backside. I made sure I didn't have any plans for a good half hour while I laid on my stomach after I massaged it in.  It kind of felt sticky but then when I put on my clothing, it didn't stick to my clothes. I could still feel it in my skin as if I had applied a body butter or cocoa butter oil.  So it lasted almost all day.  I noticed a change after about 8-9 days.  Same regimen continued with extensive stretching.  I haven't had any real bad pain in a couple of months so if it does come back I know immediately what to do.

Steven H

Houston, TX

I'm usually skeptical of new products - but when you're in pain, you'll try just about anything.  I'm so glad I found RELIEF!™ because it mitigated a lot of the joint pain I was having from the medication I was taking.  It wasn't greasy or oily and actually helped relieve a lot of my joint pain.  I'll definitely keep using this! 

Hillary G

Wolverine Lake, MI

Right after I got this, I fell and aggravated an old knee injury.  I used this liberally all the way around the knee and it worked.  I was pain free in 3 days when I expected to be 'laid up' for a week.  VERY IMPRESSED!

Susan C

Grafton, MA

"So here's something interesting - I've had a terrible cold all weekend. The kind where my throat gets really inflamed and makes it difficult to breath and is very scratchy and sore. I put the Joint Pain RELIEF!™ oil on my neck, over my lymph nodes, and within a half hour I had a lot of relief from the sore throat. Coughing isn't as painful. The sweling in my glands has gone down as well."

Alison C

Detroit, MI
The Magic Behind RELIEF!™ Products
Nanodiamonds are tiny crystals created from carbon under conditions comparable to those that create natural diamonds. However, when initially created, these crystals are so small that 1 to 1.5 million crystals could fit on the head of a pin! Are you interested in reading independent scientific research papers supporting the benefits of nanodiamonds in wound healing and pain relief? Please drop us a line -- we are happy to oblige!

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